What is it really?
An entertainment when you are at your leisure time! ….. Nowadays so many games are at hand…..but….our game is different smile
Because it is an entertainment and at the same time, reminds you of the sweet memories of childhood story books; now you can revenge the crows by playing as a fox smile
Maybe it never crossed our mind that a poem in our childhood story books would become a computer game!
But “Shiva Company” Did it for you …..now you can play this game… you have two bows and some other items that can be used to shoot the crows intending to snatch the cheese from you smile
We did our best to make a perfect game. In case of any problem with playing the game, don’t worry, our support group is ready to help smile

How the game came out?
This game was created by some creative minds, like yours smile. Shiva Company guys have long been working together on unique ideas to make such entertainments for you.
Shiva Company also has some other games, that you would enjoy playing them. Try them, no regret
Even If you are interested to cooperate with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Users Support on “The Fox and the Wily Crow” game has been a happy event and great news for us. Based on the figures of “ Slide DB”, “The Fox and The Wily Crow” game is among the best 5 expected mobile games in 2013.
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We are Thankful for your support!



Buy it or not??!!
As you like (please …buy it smile)
“The Fox and the Wily Crow” game is available now in market, the feedback of other users will also help you to make the decision to buy it.
We are Thankful for your support!